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 THE FOLLOWING ARE EXCERPTS from “The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth, Book One”

Cycles of Time by the Numbers

The most important factors of astrotheology, as derived from astronomical observations, are the numbers. It is the numbers that mark or lead to the discernment of the symbolisms; this is because the main purpose of the astrotheological (mythological) fables, along with cultural issues, is the tracking of time. Time is life, and life is time. The whole universe is regulated by some form of time, and in order for us to survive on this planet, that is to secure food, clothing, and shelter, we must operate within daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly, and cyclical time restraints. Some of the most important numbers utilized within biblical symbolism  that we will use or translate in clarifying the  mysteries of biblical allegories are the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 24, 30, 40, 72, 90, 120, 144, 280, 360, 365; 1,080; 2,160; 25,920; 2,160,000. All of these numbers represent Cycles, Intervals, or Divisions of time and/or space; and may indicate entities by which we measure time. These are only a portion of the important symbolical numbers; but nevertheless, an understanding of these numbers (cycles) will significantly advance our understandings of ancient esotericism as found in the scriptures.

Mythology is, in many important respects, astro-theology. The content of mythology, of course, is not limited to astro-theology, but nevertheless the two are as one, blended and inseparable. The symbolisms of mythology include primarily astronomical or astrological-astrotheological allegories, but also within this complex of symbolisms we find significant aspects involving ethics, sociology, sociobiology, human psychology, philosophy, anthropology, earth science, geography, agriculture, plus other factors – and all is of such parallel or similarity so that the symbolism of one carries over in correctness and paralleled conformity to the other aspects. Parallelism, that is to say the proper understanding of esoteric parallelism, is one of the seven great keys to higher wisdom. The patterns of nature, both supernal and natural tend to repeat themselves at the various levels of their manifestations according to the Ancients.

Our focus, as we proceed, shall be on astronomical correlations within the mythology, but the aspirants should keep in mind that esoteric mythology is not limited to one avenue – it covers all the mysteries that the human mind embraces. The study of self is just as important as the study of the universe; and the splendor of it all is that the results of such studies run in parallel – the microcosms and the macrocosm.

Astrotheology (Astro + Theology) is defined as religion (mythology) founded or based on symbolisms reflective of astronomical observations. All of the major religions are deeply associated with astrotheology.

As I indicated above, astronomy and religion (theology) are linked by the numbers that the mythological (theological) symbolisms represent. Some of the numbers are easily associated and some are complex, that is to say, some of the complicated number associations require an enhanced knowledge of astronomy. I highly recommend that anyone interested in clearly understanding the science of astrotheology acquire a handbook on observational astronomy i.e. stargazing or star-watching.

The number 12 is easily associated between astronomy and religion. For example, there are 12 divisions to the zodiac, likewise there are the 12 tribes of Israel of the Old Testament, and the 12 disciples or apostles of Jesus of the New Testament. This correlation of the number 12 between religious scriptures and the cosmic zodiac is the guide that aids us in deciphering the symbolisms pertinent thereto, as we shall discover as our essay progresses.  Also, the number 3 carries another simple cosmic-religious association. According to the Old testament Jonah was captured by a great fish and confined in its belly for 3 days, and thereafter delivered alive onto dry land; and Jesus of the New Testament was captured, killed and buried in a cave or grave for 3 days and thereafter delivered (resurrected) alive. These myths (Jonah, Jesus) carry clear association to the Winter Solstice of the sun on December 22 when the sun is confined to the lowest point in its declination for 3 days, and thereafter resurrected northward toward the Vernal Equinox. And another simple cosmic-religious association is found in the number 40; according to...


Cosmic interpretation of Christ (the sun) being tried or tempted for 40 Days.

Each Cardinal Point that the sun passes through, namely the Winter Solstice, the Vernal Equinox, the Summer Solstice, and the Autumnal Equinox, represents a significant turning point or point of inflection for the sun that the Ancients scrupulously noted in their symbolisms. The inflection point of the Winter Solstice that we have previously reviewed indicated the birth of the sun, and the struggles attendant thereto; but also in another phase of the symbolism, the death and resurrection of the sun is noted by symbolism reflective of the Winter Solstice; i.e. the death and burial of Jesus in the cave and his resurrection after three days is synonymous with the sun’s burial in the cave of the solstice and its resurgence upward after three days.

And now after the sun (Jesus) has reached the Vernal Equinox, a new struggle commences for complete victory of the sun (Jesus) over the forces of the nether regions (Satan), a struggle that the Ancients observed as spanning 40 days, which is the span of time necessary for the celestial position of the sun to be reflected in the terrestrial environment of our planet.

This Forty refers to the Lag Time between the Sun reaching the equinoxes, to the actual Terrestrial effect on the earth, that takes about 40 days to materialize. The Spring, and the Fall begin officially when the Sun crosses the Equinoxes, but the effect on the earth’s weather is delayed for a period of forty days.

This Period between the Sun’s astronomical position and the earth’s warming or cooling is a wilderness journey. The Goal or the Mount has been reached, but the effect on the earth’s climate takes more time (40 days, which represents the amount of time needed for complete seasonal transition).

The Ancients symbolized this period in the Wilderness, by two semi-equinoctial holidays, namely May Day that comes forty days after the Spring Equinox, and Halloween, which comes forty days after the Fall Equinox. The sun must climb, struggle, suffer, and be tempted, before the sun (Jesus) completely escapes the clutches of Satan (Winter).

“This Series Of Books Prove, Beyond Doubt, That Modern Religion Has Evolved From Primitive Mythology”