Biggest Lie Ever Told
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The Biggest Lie Ever Told: Excerpt

Biggest Lie Ever Told


There are those who believe that we are now entering a new age, an era meant for a New World Order.

Some of those who share this view preach that there are Signs in the Heavens to indicate that the time  has arrived for profound spiritual and political changes on our planet. I have been familiar with this attitude for many years, in that my father was an avid astrologer. The End of the World means the End of an Era, an Age or dominant credo. The Credo that is now in itsí death throws and fighting with every force at itsí disposal to expand and defend itsí creed is defined as Monotheism. The Monotheists are the so-called children of Abraham i.e. Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Monotheists are the unwitting masters of political and religious tyranny; they demand that we worship and serve only one god and likewise they insist that ultimately, humanity will be ruled by one theocratic political government, after Judgment Day. This tyranny is expressed in the monotheistic dogma that god will kill all disbelievers on judgment day or torment them incessantly in hell after death.


The religious doctrine of the monotheist (i.e. the doctrine that they are the only correct worshippers of the only true god) tends to infuse itself into the political and social fabric of their societies. It follows in their thinking (whether openly acknowledged or not) that since their doctrine is the only true faith, that likewise their political and social systems must also be superior to all others.

Consequently, they are implicitly justified by their deity in imposing their doctrines (political, financial and religious) upon the lost (non-believers) of the world. The Muslims and Christians tend to impose their doctrines by direct attack and the Jews act by methods of subversion. So this religious attitude of the monotheists indeed makes them the greatest menace to world peace, and I think that history verifies this. Of course the laity within the monotheistic systems are for the most part sincere and loving believers, who firmly believe that they are doing godís will by spreading his doctrine. My focus here is on the underlying effect of the monotheistic doctrine, and the attitude it engenders in those that adhere to this doctrine; which sounds so benevolent at the first hearing, but when thoughtfully analyzed is found to bear the seeds of religious and political tyranny. The indications are that our Founding Fathers realized this and therefore sought to limit the powers of the monotheists within our government, but the menace is ever-present.


The philosophy of the monotheist came into prominence under the sign of Aries (witness sect of Akhenaton), which commenced about 4000 years ago. The philosophical power of the monotheists was further augmented under the astrological sign of Pisces (manifested by the sect of the Christians and later under Islam) which commenced about 2000 years ago. The nature of the monotheists is to wipe out all opposition to their domination by demanding that the populations submit entirely to one omnipotent god (under one religious system) and concurrently to one world theocratic government (under one type of political system). The ultimate aim of the monotheists is to obliterate all political and financial independence worldwide by making them interdependent. Of course, political unity is greatly facilitated by cultural unity; hence the monotheists tend to use their religious dogma as a tool pursuant to cultural fusion.

The monotheists tend to demean and belittle the religious beliefs of others outside their own ranks. They label disbelievers as heathens and pagans who are doomed to total annihilation on the great Day of Judgment. Hence history shows that the monotheists are capable of unspeakable cruelty toward various populations, and all in the name of one omnipotent god.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius and there are some that believe that this is the Era in which humanity shall be rescued from the onslaught of the monotheists. Aquarius is anticipated as an era of enlightenment, understanding and tolerance.  The Era of Aquarius is said to usher in the Age of Reason wherein philosophical differences are respected and tolerated, if not accepted. People shall worship or not worship god as they see fit and those who view themselves as the Vicars of god will hopefully be converted to an attitude of tolerance and respect toward those outside the faith, so that we (freethinkers) can live in a semblance of peace and relative safety Ė devoid of the menacing threats of hellfire and damnation made by the monotheists.

According to the proponents of this philosophy (i.e. the belief that political, philosophical hegemony is linked to Astrological Ages), the history, proclivities, and hegemony of human civilization on earth is determined or gauged by changes in philosophical attitude that coincide approximately with the earth's Precessional Cycle. It takes about 25,920 years for this cycle to complete itself, and return to the point of its initiation.

A circle (cycle) is complete at 360 degrees. The equinox, during this period of 25,920 years, passes through the (12) twelve signs of the zodiac, starting at the cusp of Libra  and Virgo and ending at the point of its commencement[1]

By dividing the total cycle of 25,920 years by the number 12 (the 12 signs of the zodiac), we arrive at the figure of 2,160 years. The proponents teach that this period of time, (2,160 years) represents an Astrological Age.

Each age represents more or less 30 degrees of the cycle  and 2,160 years of time. During this span of time (2,160 years), the Zodiacal  Sign identified by it's position at the point of the vernal equinox is deemed the Ruling Sign under which the earth's inhabitants are governed for the period so indicated.

Accordingly, the philosophy (attitude) and the people (race, nation creed or region) who are the chief advocates of the attitude favored by the zodiacal sign of the age, shall be favored for dominance in world affairs.


We are now living in the Astrological Age of Pisces  which commenced about 2,100 years ago. The early Christians saw themselves as the advocates of this Astrological Age that commenced 2100 years ago.


History shows that the Symbol of the Early Christians  was not only the Cross or Crucifix. The Symbol that represented their creed  was the Fish[2]. They used this symbol (Fish) to proclaim themselves as Masters of the New Age, represented by the zodiacal sign of Pisces

Once they were able to persuade the Emperor Constantine  to join forces with them; their road to world dominance was mapped. It is impossible for a Religious Philosophy to achieve World Dominance without a Political- Financial connection. With Constantine in their camp, the Religious, Political, Financial Alliance was therefore formed --and the rest is history.


Now, in the 21st century, we have arrived at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. We are at the cusp, the inflection point whereas the philosophical, financial and political forces of a dying Astrological Era are contending frantically against the emerging philosophy of the New Age. Pisces is Setting and Aquarius is Rising.

Our quest is for truth; truth is evidentially provable. The very nature of a lie causes it (a lie) to lack provability, whereas the truth is physically and/or intellectually verifiable. It adds up correctly. It makes sense. It is reasonable, logically understandable, rationally acceptable, and able to withstand analysis and critical examination made by it's proponents as well as it's detractors.


The Truth stands by reason of it's own truthfulness. It needs no auxiliary supports. But beware of the lie (religious or otherwise), posing as the Truth; because the advocates of the lie always request that we accept their jargon, not on the basis of it's provability, but rather they encourage us to have faith. And not just good hearted down to earth faith, but rather a faith that is unreasonable, illogical. A faith that requires us to actually twist the very fabric of normal thought processes in an adverse, abnormal way, to convince ourselves that somehow the Lie is really the Truth.


And why should we, as rational, intelligent, literate human beings, strain our mental faculties beyond the points of rationality, common sense, natural law and logic; distorting the contours of our brains in a vain attempt to make sense out of nonsense? This book is geared toward establishing the answer to that question.

There are some of us, of more discerning intellect, who believe that it is within reason for us to expect rational answers to certain probing questions concerning religion that may enter our minds from time to time.

We believe that to doubt and question the popular versions of God and Religion is not synonymous to expressing doubt or criticism of God Almighty. We believe that it is possible to keep Faith with God[3] and at the same time totally reject any concept of God that does not conform to Logic and Reason.

We believe that we should not be subject to accusations of heresy, hypocrisy, malicious intent, lack of faith, or atheism, simply because we seek understanding.

All truth, I'm sure you agree, should be understandable and provable, and if not, why not?

In this book , we shall explore how the religious hierarchy altered the  focus of the Original religious scriptures for their own predatory purposes. We shall explore how that Unholy Trinity (political , financial, religious alliance) has used the good name of religion   to mislead, subjugate and destabilize the populations of the world



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