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A Guide to The Purposes And Focus Of This Book

What is the True Source  of biblical scriptures?

My goal in writing “The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth, Book Three” is to answer and prove the answer to the aforementioned question. I have already explained in Books One and Two that Religion is the evolutionary child of Astronomy, Astrology and Myth.

In Book Three, we shall go to great lengths to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this hypothesis is completely accurate and provable. I have stated that Religious Scripture is actually a Registry of astronomical phenomena in a mythological format. Astronomy is a science and as such, is subject to scientific means of proof and deduction.

Witness my quote from Book Two:

Ancient Mythology was the rendering of scientific astronomy in a mythological format. Mythology symbolizes the movements of the heavenly bodies within the cosmos. Astronomy deals with charting the cycles of all the entities within the cosmos. The Prophecy that prevails in Mythology and religion is a result of this charting. Of course a Prophecy, when delivered in a personified religious format, seems to be the miraculous foretelling of human events. But, in it’s Original form; the Prophecy did not pertain to future human activity. The Prophecy pertained to the future movements of celestial entities.

I often refer to Astrology/Mythology as Scientific, because it is absolutely that. Astrology/Mythology is based on the Science of Astronomy. To clarify my point, let us now define Science. Science Begins with Observation. The scientists seek to detect patterns , laws, and cycles in that which is being observed. In this case, the Starry Heavens.  Secondly , the Scientists Records the patterns , laws, and cycles that they have successfully detected , from their initial observations. Thirdly, the scientists renew their observations, and compare the results of their continued studies with the records of their past observations. When the scientists are successful , in their attempts to identify consistently repetitive cycles, they then, on this basis, record their conclusions as to scientific facts.

This registry of scientific conclusions then serves as a model by which scientists can accurately predict the recurrence of certain events based on their records of established cycles. The ancient Astronomers consequently wrote predictions as to future motions within the cosmos based on their recorded observations. Since the Astronomers/Astrologers used a mythological format to record their findings, their predictions of future cycles were transformed into the Prophecies of the Deities, their future conquests, intrigues, wars, and defeats.

So when Religion evolved from mythology, the chain continued. The Predictions of the scientific Astronomers (Astrologers/Mathematicians), that became the Oracles of Fabled Deities, when recorded under mythological headings, continued as the Prophecies of Messengers from God, in their Religious Format”

Astronomy is a science and is subject to mathematical proofs and analysis. Consequently,  if my proposition is correct i.e. that the bible is, in fact, Astronomy written in a mythological format – it must also hold true that the bible (like astronomy) is also subject to scientific and mathematical analysis.

And furthermore, the method that I shall use to prove my Contention; that bible is a symbolical rendering of astronomy  will be by providing Scientific, Mathematical and Astronomical Interpretations to various portions of the bible. These Interpretations will be reinforced and substantiated with Fact, not unsupported speculation.

These interpretations are not speculative or opinionated, but rather are based on methods of scientific deduction (i.e. unbiased, methodological, dispassionate) and are therefore mathematically verifiable. Math is a Universal Truth.. Of CourseAnyone can offer an interpretation based on conjecture and/or opinion, but when it comes to defining Universal Truth, opinions and guesses will not suffice. My interpretations are mathematically verifiable – this is the proof of their accuracy. The Ancients wrote religious scriptures in a coded form. Our mission within this Book is to transform this code into plain language, and this we shall do.

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Our Bible is not an Original Document.

All of our modern Religious Text are actually Edited versions of Ancient scriptures; Ancient scriptures that have no traceable origin. Our Bibles, Korans, Vedas and religious scriptures of whatever stripe, were fashioned into Books by the Religious Organizations that claimed these Books as their Inspiration. These Books were, for the major part at least, developed from Ancient Text, Folklore, Oral Myths and Tales that have no traceable origin.

The myths and tales of the bible are as old as recorded time itself. Various cultures have edited the ancient text to Match their geographical locations and timeline, and they have created False (Mythological) histories by inserting themselves (their tribes, nations or races) into their revised versions. Much of what the general public views as history is actually mythology. Our scholars have been telling us for years that the origins of many ancient societies are shrouded in myth and fable. We have noticed alsothat many National myths seem to convey a Common theme, for example the claim to Demigod status for the royal family is very common.

It is extremely important that we understand this one Vital Point; that our modern religious scriptures are, in fact, the Edited Versions of Myths and Fables that originated in (what we consider) Prehistory. One of the major keys to the correct interpretation of biblical myths is the proper understanding of the Impetus that caused its’ (myth) creation (both oral and written) in the first place. Our ability to decode the ancient myths is immeasurably enhanced when we possess an understanding of the factors that Motivated the Ancients to create and record these Tales. That Motivation was the Need for Correct Timekeeping!

Time! Time! Time! – This term “Time” goes to the Root of the matter. Time is Life and Life is Time. The greatest help (aid to the correct understanding of the Gnosis) that my Spiritual Father ever gave to me was his reference to religion as the Theology Of Time. Time has no beginning or ending, it is omnipresent – and without Time Nothing that Is would Be. Time is an Expanding Force that cannot Stop ExpandingTime requires Motion and the Measurement of Time requires Demarcation. The Creation referred to in the Bible is actually the creation of methods of Time measurement. We will cover this subject in the First chapter of this Book.

Time was the most important factor affecting the existence of Early (primitive, Recovering civilization) Man. The correct measurement of Time was absolutely vital to the survival of Primitive humankind. Whether they lived or died, starved or froze to death was intricately tied with correct Time measurement. Planting had to be done at the proper Time of the year, likewise the harvesting, also migration and hunting and building. Storage of Food stuffs was determined by correct measurement of the seasonal cycles, also the migratory habits of various animals, that were slaughtered to supply food and clothing and shoes etc, were all connected to cycles of Time.

If we Contemplate the Importance of proper Timekeeping in the struggle of Early Humanity, to survive amongst the sometimes hostile forces of nature – we can easily discern their reasoning and see that the evolution of a “Religious Culture” that was and is innately connected to Time management was a rational, if not inevitable course.

I have supplied, in the aforementioned comments, a cursory explanation of Factors that may have motivated early society to formulate their religious traditions so as to reflect intimate connections with Timekeeping. Now as we continue along this line of reasoning, our next Focus should be on the probable methods under which this information (systems of Timekeeping) was preserved and passed on to succeeding generations.

Of course we already know that the chief methods utilized by primitive society to record events and history (accumulated knowledge) was through Pictures, Tales, Festivals and Gestures (coded signs) also symbolic Dancing. When we consider the essential and vital importance of correct timekeeping to the daily existence of Ancient Man, we are able to formulate a rationale that explains why early Religious Culture was intimately connected to Timekeeping.

The use of Symbolic rather than literal record keeping is explained by the fact that this Method of Timekeeping was maintained and sustained by the Sacerdotal and Rulingclasses of ancient society. Also the need for record keeping (A Registry of Celestial Cycles) preceded the development of the Science of writing, hence the Art of Drawing and Oral Rhythmic Verse(Tales, Myths, Folklore)  was incorporated as methods of recording knowledge in lieu of Written Records. The myths and fables provided the common people with a spiritual outlet and guaranteed the preservation of the symbolic knowledge because it was made traditional and celebratory. The various rituals were celebrated with fanatical adherence to Time (seasonal) cycles and precision was guaranteed because failure to be correct might invoke the wrath of the deities. This was the attitude of the common folk, although the ruling classes knew better.   

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The bible is only a part of a much larger book

The Bible is a Book of books. It consist of several separate compositions that were written (edited) by various authors of diverse demographics. Those who compiled the bible, made their selections of scriptures that were included in the Book, based on the Canons of their church. Several compositions were excluded from the bible for various reasons, but mainly because those excluded Selections did not conform or support the Focus, Belief or Purposes of the Editors.

Many, many versions of the bible have been compiled in the last 1800 years or so, and all are not identical. The various Editors have Included or Excluded information as they saw fit to do. The most popular English translation of the bible is The Authorized King James Version, which is the one that I shall use as a reference for my deciphering of the Gnostic Symbolism. At times, I may refer to other English translations in order to clarify or reinforce a point of scripture.

My interpretations shall be to the point, and concise. Some readers may therefore be inspired to seek more detailed information (verification) from other sources. My desire is to avoid shackling the book with copious footnotes and meticulous details that may be unnecessarily pedantic to the average Truth Seeker. In my opinion, excessive details tend to obscure the true focus of a book rather than aid it. Nevertheless, some Interpretations are Intricate, and may require Rereading, but most are very vivid. A Bibliography is provided for aid in further research. I strongly suggest use of the Appendix. Also the Appendix of “The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth, Book One” has some very useful information. A good Handbook on astronomy is recommended.

The fact that All of the Ancient Scriptures are not contained in the King James Version of the bible or in any One bible is not important. The KJV contains more Information than anyone could properly decipher in a lifetime. I am very Impressed that the Symbolism has been maintained so well, through it’s many translations; from the Hebrew to the Greek to the Latin and into English. The fact that the Gnosis is pretty well intact after 2000 years of multiple Translations and Literary Hanky Panky is remarkable.

I am sometimes bewildered that some reasonably intelligent people have difficulty understanding (accepting) biblical symbolism, even after it is clearly explained andProven to them. I am convinced that this stubbornness is due largely to our Cultural Programming. We have been culturally programmed (educated) to recognize or discern Truth. The accepted method of analyzing the Validity of a supposition is by Comparison; that is we tend to compare the Unknown quality (supposition) with the Known quality (accepted cultural opinions). If the Unknown Quality Conforms to the Known Quality, then this supposedly indicates a validation of the previously Unknown Quality; but if it (the supposition) does not Conform, we tend to reject it. This method of Comparison works fine, if our Criterion (accepted cultural opinions) are Valid and Accurate.However, if our Basic Assumptions are Flawed, it follows that any and all determinations that are derived, based on invalid premises (that we have traditionally accepted, without critical investigation) will probably be the wrong conclusions.

The best Analysis is an Independent analysis, without Preconceived notions. The Best (evaluating) tool at our disposal is our Ability to Reason. Rational thinking will work wonders if we allow it free reign, but that’s easier said than done. Check out the Root Definition of the word “Religion”, from the Latin – it is defined: to tie down, to bind.

The fables of the bible fit into the same category as the ancient Greek Myths, the Roman Myths, the Hindu Myths etc. The bible is composed of Hebrew Myths and Christian Myths – that is the way you Must view this issue, if you are sincerely seeking clarity. The bible is Not Sacred; it was not written by god and it is not a divinelyinspired revelation. The bible is a Book of Science (a Registry of Astronomical Phenomena) written in a Mythological Format. A Critical analysis of biblical scripture will not Ring with success unless it is done Dispassionately. If your critique is geared at proving some Preconceived Notion, that you intend to hold on to Regardless of your findings (even though the resulting information may contradict your established assumptions) – then you may be unreasonably Biased and your results will be skewed, in my opinion. Fear of the Truth will keep you from recognizing or accepting the Truth. I define Truth as that which is naturally and mathematically verifiable. If we don’t possess the skills to pin the Truth down mathematically, then our most positive recourse is to resort to Reason. The Truth tends to be Reasonable in most cases.

Biblical (astronomical) symbolism is approximate and therefore must be adjusted from time to time

I must once again call your attention to an issue that I raised in Book Two concerning prophecy.

Witness my quote from Book Two:

“Ancient Mythology was the rendering of scientific astronomy in a mythological format. Mythology symbolizes the movements of the heavenly bodies within the cosmos. Astronomy deals with charting the cycles of all the entities within the cosmos. The Prophecy that prevails in Mythology and religion is a result of this charting. Of course a Prophecy, when delivered in a personified religious format, seems to be the miraculous foretelling of human events. But, in it’s Original form; the Prophecy did not pertain to future human activity. The Prophecy pertained to the future movements of celestial entities.”

I must also reiterate – The bible is a Registry of recorded astronomical phenomena written in a mythological format. The understanding of this One Vital Point is the Keyto the proper deciphering of biblical symbolism. The bible (a book of astronomical symbolism) deals with the recording of astronomical cycles and the Predictions of the reoccurrence of these cycles, also the evolution of major cycles generated by minor cycles. The consequences or purpose of all this is to operate and preserve a System of progressive Calendrical adjustments throughout time.

The activity of correlating Time Cycles always produces fractions. The natural cycles of the elements within the cosmos such as the moon, sun, the equinoxes and solstices, sequences of eclipses, revolutions of the planets, comets and all such astronomical activity occur at intervals that cannot be reduced to whole numbers; hence, there is always the need for the Astronomers (Priesthood, Biblical Editors) to continually update and adjust their calculations, as Time marches on.

The Ancients developed a system that recorded some cycles as whole numbers, without regard to the fractions, and then at predictable intervals they would adjust their calculations to another whole number of a greater cycle that was closer to accuracy. For example, although our year is 365 ¼ days long – we disregard the fraction, but at intervals of 4 years we add a whole number (day) and this brings us closer to accuracy in our time keeping.

But actually this adjustment is not accurate; it is simply closer to accuracy. The actual year is 365.242199 days long, so 4 times this number produces 1460.968796. So by adding a whole number to our calendar we merely reduce the error to a smaller fraction i.e. 031204 days instead of .242199 days.

However, with every 4 years passing (when we make this adjustment), we are adding incrementally to our error so that eventually the smaller error will exceed the larger error – And it is this Type of problem that influenced the Priesthood (biblical Editors) to invent a System of Prophecy that would enable them to convey instructions (for Calendrical adjustments) to succeeding Generations (of the Initiated).

But before I connect this to biblical prophecy, I would like to interject this point about Festivals. One of the ways that the Sacerdotal class would handle the problem of calibrating the calendar to a larger cycle, in order to reduce the incremental discrepancies caused by the periodic adjustments of minor cycles, was this: They would calculate the date when these smaller fractions would accumulate to a whole number (day) which might be 120 years, 400 years, 532 years, 1460 years or whatever – and they would designate that time (end of the cycle) as a day of celebration, commemorating some Deity or Event, and include this pronouncement in their writings (scriptures) and/or folklore. So when that day arrived the Common people would take to the streets in gaiety and celebration of some mythological fancy, while the Priesthood would slink into their Chambers and Observatories – getting on with their work of proper Timekeeping.

The predictions and prophecies about an expected Savior, Avenger, Avatar or divine Messenger and the like were all coded messages sent out, by the Priesthood, to the Initiated and their descendants. This mythology was taken literally by the Common people but the Initiates knew better. Throughout the bible we are warned about a Coming Savior and a dreaded Day of Judgment or a Glorious Day of Deliverance. All of these, the expected Savior, Judgment Day and/or Deliverance and the like are esoteric symbolisms related to adjustments in Timekeeping.

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As I explained above, All adjustments to the calendar (Time Keeping) are temporary and inexact, and generate the need for further adjustments – at times, far into the distant future. Some cycles run into thousands of years. So the Priesthood had to develop a method of passing the Word (instructions for future Calendrical adjustments) to succeeding Generations; Generations that would come to life hundreds or thousands of years into the future.

The Method that the Ancients used was to predict the Coming of a Savior at some distant point in time. The Mission of the Savior would be to bring Justice to the World, To Deliver humanity from Bondage, To Chastise people for their Sins, To Destroy the Transgressors, To Mediate and Reconcile the Enmity and Hatred among peoples. This is Coded Language used to instruct succeeding Generations (within the circle of the Initiates) as to When they must make adjustments to the Calendar. The Mission of the Savior concerns Justice, Deliverance, Transgression, Mediation, Chastisement. All of these Terms relate to the Correction of Errors, but not errors in ones social habits as the uninitiated think – but rather Errors in mathematical computations that govern proper Time Keeping.

We have already learned, from what I wrote above, that our method of timekeeping (calendar) requires periodic adjustments. The Transgressions that the Savior will come to remedy are not social transgressions but rather mathematical transgressions. The Savior shall Mediate (reconcile) the Errors of computation, He shall make Judgment on the Errors in Time keeping, He shall Destroy the Wrong Doers (Numbers) and replace them with correct Numbers. I could go on and on. The Savior actually refers to the Priesthood of the Generation to which the prophecy is directed. The Priesthood (biblical Editors) is the actual Savior that continually Edits and Re-Edits the Scriptures from Generation to Generation throughout history.

The Coming Savior is often referred to as a Mediator, Judge, Avenger, Destroyer, Chastiser, Emancipator. All of these words have obvious social implications, but in fact the words are codes that indicate corrections and adjustments to the mathematical computations that govern correct timekeeping. The year and date that the Savior is destined to arrive is Always pegged to the year and date when the calendar must be Updated (Judged, Corrected, Mediated, etc).

Witness this Definition from the

mediator one who intervenes between two persons who are at variance, with a view to reconcile them. This word is not found in the Old Testament; but the idea it expresses is found in Job 9:33, in the word "daysman" (q.v.), marg., "umpire." This word is used in the New Testament to denote simply an internuncius, an ambassador, one who acts as a medium of communication between two contracting parties. In this sense Moses is called a mediator in Gal. 3:19. Christ is the one and only mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5; Heb. 8:6; 9:15; 12:24). He makes reconciliation between God and man by his all-perfect atoning sacrifice. Such a mediator must be at once divine and human, divine, that his obedience and his sufferings might possess infinite worth, and that he might possess infinite wisdom and knowlege and power to direct all things in the kingdoms of providence and grace which are committed to his hands (Matt. 28:18; John 5:22, 25, 26, 27); and human, that in his work he might represent man, and be capable of rendering obedience to the law and satisfying the claims of justice (Heb. 2:17, 18; 4:15, 16), and that in his glorified humanity he might be the head of a glorified Church (Rom. 8:29). This office involves the three functions of prophet, priest, and king, all of which are discharged by Christ both in his estate of humiliation and exaltation. These functions are so inherent in the one office that the quality appertaining to each gives character to every mediatorial act. They are never separated in the exercise of the office of mediator.

SourceEaston's 1897 Bible Dictionary

Research the definitions of these wordsMediatorDeliveranceJudgment and other words that commonly refer to a Savior or his actions and I am sure you will agree that the terms are applicable to the correction of mathematical Errors. The biblical Editors have used these Terms metaphorically to pass coded messages between each other throughout thousands of years. This is my Contention, and I think that the facts and Reason support this conclusion better than the alternatives.

Much of this book deals with the deciphering of Calendrical astronomical symbolism that reaffirms this premise.

Ancient Mythology was the rendering of scientific astronomy in a mythological format. Mythology symbolizes the movements of the heavenly bodies within the cosmos. Astronomy deals with charting the cycles of all the entities within the cosmos. The Prophecy that prevails in Mythology and religion is a result of this charting. Of course a Prophecy, when delivered in a personified religious format, seems to be the miraculous foretelling of human events. But, in it’s Original form; the Prophecy did not pertain to future human activity. The Prophecy pertained to the future movements of celestial entities.